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Frequently Asked Questions
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Do Class Pictures charge for the supply of a CD of portrait images for use in SIMS and other school database systems ?

There is no charge for the CD, it’s part of our service.
I wish to batch upload the portrait images onto SIMS and it’s asking for a licence, where do I get this ?Capita supply the licence that enables automatic image upload onto SIMS but they do charge. You can order a licence from Capita here .
Is there any way Class Pictures can apply for the SIMS licence on my schools behalf ?

Depending on the level of business Class Pictures do for you and which benefits we offer are of most interest, we can apply for the licence and supply it to you free of charge. Please call our office for more information
Do I actually need a SIMS licence to upload images ?No, the licence is just if you wish to upload images in one automated batch. You can import manually quite easily without one
Can you give me an idea of how long it will take Class Pictures to photograph our students ?Obviously this depends on the style of image and number of poses you have chosen us to supply. But we pride ourselves in our efficiency and speed of workflow. As a rule of thumb, each photographer in attendance can comfortably photograph 120 students per hour. Or to put it another way, a form of about 30 students every 15 minutes per photographer. Unless pre-advised, we always send two photographers so we can photograph an entire year of 240 students in one hour.
Do we need to arrange students in alphabetical and form order when they come to be photographed by Class Pictures ?No, even when photographing them to supply you with a disc of images for SIMS, students can be photographed in any order.
How much administration time is required by our staff on the day of the shoot and with the handling of subsequent photo orders ?Our photographers need very little help on the day. They are happy to marshal and advise students of what to do. Post shoot, we don’t expect school staff to worry about the ordering process. All we ask is that photo orders can be dropped off at school in the sealed envelopes that we supply. Money and orders do not need to be checked by school staff.
Do you cover my school’s area ?We cover everywhere ! Using our own full time, fully disclosed, experienced in the school environment, professional photographers.
Do Class Pictures offer commission ?We have a number of different financial and commercial benefits on offer depending on the level of business we do for you and the products we supply.
How can I book Class Pictures ?Just call us on 01462 676 523. Whether you are looking to book a date a year from now or wish to check next weeks availability, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and offer our solutions.



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